What should I write about?

I am so compelled to write, I am beside myself. It haunts me in my sleep. Each day goes by and I keep saying, Hey, you need to blog. I even have it programmed in my phone. I did it. I am blogging. I didn’t know what I was going to talk about, but, I just went with it, decided not to think too hard and began typing. I can only try.

I have always had the desire to want to write. I wanted to be an Author of some kind. I wanted to write poems, of course, neither one happened, but I am here. Right now, it’s never too late to discover your dreams. I never thought of making a living writing. Write about what? I always felt like he had to be extremely lucky or have serious connections to be a Writer for anyone. Since the internet came about and blogging, the platform has broadened and now anybody can write. I guess, it is my time.

Ok, so far, so good. I feel like I am doing something here. Perhaps, if I commit to writing and I do this consistently, perhaps, I can start a habit and eventually my natural creativity will come to surface and flourish with ideas. I want to write, I think I can be great at it and it is very therapeutic. #journal

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