French Braids

Forty-seven years on this planet and this age has been the most exciting age, of my entire life. I have gone through enlightenment, I have awakened and now I am ready to walk my soul path. I have discovered so many awesome things about myself, that I never thought I knew. I have tried new experiences and have grown through each one.

I remember my adopted mom always encouraged me to find my biological mother. She described my mother as young, tall, dark skin with an afro. She told me, her name was Beth Green. My mom also said, that my biological mother has a sister who was a Secretary in Manhattan, New York. So, my entire life, these very few details, were all I ever knew of her. Well, rewind 15 years later and I still, never met her. I attempted, but was unsuccessful. I just gave up and thought that if it was meant to be, it would be.

It was the weekend of Friday April 12, 2019, my “Fro Friday”. Every 2 weeks, I take my hair down from the crochet style I wear. I wash, condition, massage the scalp and just let my hair breathe. Saturday morning I braided 2 plats in the form of French braids and out the door we went. When we got to the car, I saw my reflection of my French braids in the window. I remember saying to my husband, you didn’t remind me to put on my hat. I was too lazy to go back inside, so we proceeded to head to the store.

We ended up at Target. We were shopping for a watch for my Dad. While we were in Target, I noticed, a woman wearing a black headwrap and a front gold framed tooth. When we got to check out, she approached me and asked me if I knew a Betsy Green, she has 3 children Kizzy, Tawahna and Crystal? As she is telling me this information, I know for a fact, this woman is my mother. I listened to the names of her daughters and I knew they had to be my sisters. I know that Keisha derives from the name Keziah in the bible Keisha was the daughter of JOB who danced. Kizzy is short for Keisha and my middle name is Tawana. My sisters name is Tawahna. Even Crystal, I have a name connection with her in that I had a Uncle, who could not pronounce my name but he used to call me Crystal and I would answer. LOL.

I told her, that I get that a lot. Every since I relocated to the Triangle, people claim, I look like a woman here in North Carolina. I always shrugged it off. I was told my biological mother relocated to North Carolina, way before I relocated to North Carolina in 1994. I also shared with her, that I was adopted. I told her, that I was told, that my birth mother’s name was Beth Green. We both thought, hmmm, OK, not knowing where else to go with the conversation, we all proceeded about our way and checked out. I told my husband what happened. He got excited at the possibility. He asked me if I asked the lady questions. In the parking lot, I wrote my maiden name and cell phone number on a piece of paper. My husband ran after the lady in the black turban and gold tooth. My husband quickly introduced himself and told her, Ma’am, Please, my wife of 24 years has been looking for her mother in the State of New York for years and she has not been able to get any information. He asked if he could give her my name and number so that she could pass it along to Betsy. When my husband mentioned the state of New York. The Lady in the black turban, stated that Betsy’s sister still lives in New York. That information gave me chills. Could this woman be my biological mother?

At this point, my husband and I are like 2 kids on Christmas Day. We are excited and giddy. We go home and I sit in amazement. I begin to cry, I’m like what if Betsy Green is my biological mother? This would mean so much to me. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, to meet my natural mother. I jump on my laptop. I pull up Betsy Green. There are a few. One Betsy Green that stood out to me right away, is the 60 year old Betsy Green with 3 daughters. The daughters names are Kizzy, Tawahna and Crystal. I see this and I about fall out of my chair. When I look at these names. I see, my name. Keisha/Kizzy Tawanna/Tawahna.

It would be so exciting if this Betsy Green turned out to be my biological mother. Words cannot describe how that would make me feel. I would be so grateful because, this may give the both of us an opportunity to heal from the years of us being separated. I want to thank her and let her know, that I am OK and I turned out very well. I am OK, if she does not want to have a relationship, but I would like to thank you her and let her know that I hope all is well with her and I turned out blessed beyond recognition with the Walker’s.

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