I time travel..

On Friday November 1, 2019 I had a bizarre experience that I would like to share. It had been a long day for me. I was off on Friday, my business partners and I, were preparing for our non-profit S.P.A.Z.D.O.W.N’s second fundraiser event. I got home late, that night. We had been working diligently blowing up balloons, assembling games and wrapping gift packages. Yoyo brought a couple of bottles of wine. We drank, worked and jammed out while listening to music. Around 9 O’clock, I went home because we had an early start. I was stupid tired. I made it home and went to bed.

I woke up about 4 AM and realized I was wet. I came out of my sleep groggy. I was very troubled by this because it was uncharacteristic of me to pee on myself in my sleep. When I realized that I peed. I sat up in the bed and said to my husband, “I peed on myself”. He said yeah, and you were doing some crazy shit in your sleep too. I cleaned up and went back to bed.

The next morning, I brought it up again. My husband said, he would tell me about it later. At the time, we were focused on getting ready to attend the fundraising event. He said, I have to act it out. Now, I am even more disturbed. When the event was over and we got home and unwound. My husband got in the bed and mimicked what I did in my sleep. He says I was doing some sort of gesture with my hands curled and arms bent, as if I was having a seizure. He then says I was groaning…. the little girl, the little girl, she is being stabbed, as if I was witnessing something terrifying. He then says, I sat straight up groaning and pointing and saying that I saw the little girl die, apparently just before the girl died I had given her a necklace. I was speaking clear enough in this dream that he could understand what I was saying. In the past, when I speak in my dreams, he usually cannot make out what I am saying. It sounds like gibberish. What’s odd is, I do not remember any of this. I don’t know what girl he speaks of? I don’t know what necklace I gave to this girl or why I was giving her a necklace. He was convinced that I was somewhere in another dimension or place that I was having this real time experience. He described it as though, I was GONE!

That is what scares me. Where the hell was I? What did I see? Who is this girl? How do I know her? What does this have to do with who I am now? This dream, along with many others that I experience is so intense. It feels so real. I would describe this dream as being VERY VIVID. What is it to Dream? What happens when we dream? Where do we go? Does everyone have the same experiences of intensity when we dream? Do we go to another dimension when we dream? How do we get there? I have woken sore from dreams. Just last week, I woke up with a black and blue mark on my right fore arm. I couldn’t remember hitting my arm to cause that. I couldn’t remember going to bed with the mark on my arm. I remember being surmised in the morning when I first saw it and being baffled.

Starting with this experience, I am going to try and document my dreams as best I can. Between the physical things I notice with my body and what my husband witnesses as I sleep. Perhaps by documenting, I can observe a trend emerge or I can better understand my dreams.

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