I am initiate22772. I am a Lightworker, an ‘old soul’. I am a Healer by nature. I was unaware of my being, my gifts and my talents, until recently. I have always known there was something very special about me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it, until I saw the world, lived life a little, and came into my truth. I have awakened now. I have just placed my foot at the start of my soul path and I’m about to take the first step. I feel like I have been reborn. I ready to begin my new journey.

I have always had a burning desire for being in service. I want to live a life of passion and purpose and have my life mean something at a spiritual level. I care about causes that stir my heart and shake my core. I believe, the world would be more peaceful and loving if human beings lived less fearful.

I have always been sensitive, compassionate and highly intuitive. I believe it is a part of my divine destiny to ‘rock the boat’. I am meant to be a loving agent for change. I want to bring in a new belief system that is based in love rather than fear.

In finding myself, I discovered that love is the highest vibration. Love creates powerful healing change. People who live in a fear based belief system, such as the reality that we live in today, have difficulty trusting in the process of change.

As a Lightworker, I have always felt it was my duty to take care of others needs before my own. This feeling was second nature to me. One of the most challenging things about being a Lightworker has been in my own healing journey. I had to learn how to identify my own needs and take care of them, this is a work in progress. I also, needed to learn how to balance the art of giving and receiving. Once I master these things, only then, will I be ‘allowed’ by the Universe to fully step in the role of Healer for others.

I had a misconception about being a Lightworker. Lightworkers often attract people who open up and tell them all their problems. This could be anywhere and not necessarily in a Therapist’s office. People sense our goodness and lack of judgement and respond to it. On the flip side, I had to learn that as long as I maintain my personal boundaries like, taking care of my own needs, this will allow me to have enough energy to help others.

I experienced a valuable and necessary lesson as a Lightworker on feeling ‘dumped on’. This is when a person offloads their negativity or takes advantage of your good nature. I had a co-worker, who always wanted to share her personal business with me. There were times I dread going to work, I felt like a magnet to her, she would offload her personal business onto me. I started to feel her issues as if they were my own. I started to become drained, felt used and depressed. I began to see patterns and morality issues in question as if this was something that I needed to hear. This was a Test, and although it was a challenge, I believe, I passed.

What I learned in this situation, was this was not acceptable. I need to practice saying no to these sorts of interactions. It is OK to say NO. I should have said to this young lady, ‘I love you, but this is not respectful to me, and it’s not good for you to indulge in such unhealthy behavior’. I had to learn that when I speak this, I am saying no to the ego and yes to the higher self of everybody involved. It was draining at the time, but I fully appreciate the lesson.

As I continue to blossom in my role as Lightworker, I have come to love earth and know that I AM means to be here for a higher spiritual calling. I have not only found my divine purpose, but I finally feel a joyful and loving sense of belonging to this earth.

I was inspired to blog about this today because I am different. I am coming to finally accept that. As a Lightworker, I have a different belief system then most people, so much so, I’d question, whether I really belong here or not. One year and six months ago, I could not comprehend what was going on with me at the time, since then, time and has brought me clarity and overstanding.

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