Angry Bird

Unfortunately, my childhood upbringing exposed me to unhealthy behavior on how I deal with anger.

I witnessed anger when it was out of control. I learned to think of anger as something that is destructive and terrifying. I am afraid of my own anger at times and I don’t know how to express my feelings when I am angry.

Sometimes these feelings might surface at another unconnected time, this makes it harder for me to process.

This admission, helps me realize that I know, I have an issue with anger and I’m willing to acknowledge it, which is the first step to healing.

Past experiences or a particular situation such as abuse, trauma or bullying can trigger anger because at the time, I was unable to express it.

I am hoping that by making myself aware of this behavior, it will help me find ways to handle my anger in a much healthier way.

Awareness, breathing and meditation techniques have all helped me control my anger. I know that if I take a moment to concentrate on my breathing and not my anger I will redirect my focus.

Meditation truly, changed my life. It reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health and enhances self-awareness. I encourage everyone to meditate.

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